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Tili-Cota Couple In a Shared Exhibition

Mar 18, 2018

Originally Appeared in Our Times (Albanian Newspaper) - December 13, 1998

Two artists that make a great impression with their art, this is the visitors impression after they have visited the exhibition of Redina Tili and Blend Cota, which was hosted last night at the VEVE Gallery in the presence of their friends and lovers of art.

Redina’s works with old sheets of metal mesmerize you with the images she creates, just as Blend’s nude paintings where he plays well with colors and the composition. Visiting such an exhibition of two visual artists you start thinking and try to find what they have in common even though they work in different genres and with different techniques.

First, the courage to experiment is what motivates these two artists. Second, there is a kind of perseverance on both of them to keep their individuality in the conceptualization of their images and in their unique technique. Thirdly, the effort to facilitate the most intensive communication with the viewer, by aiming at what’s universal in the human sphere.

As I am thinking about finding what’s unique in each of them, maybe I need to look with more attentiveness. Nevertheless, the elegant and almost simplistic treatment in Redina’s works brings to mind the byzantine notion of the human being, while the almost defaced forms of Blend’s nude paintings are aiming at a style which is materialized in thick contours and surprising colors.

- T.C., Our Times, December 1998

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