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About Redina Tili

Redina Tili is an International Artist with over 25 years of experience in art and design. She displayed an interest in drawing and watercolor painting at a very early age. In her teenage years, she created and sold her own art at her uncle’s art studio, who was an established artist at the time. At the age of 14, she enrolled in a four-year plan of study for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture at the Art College of Tirana, with an emphasis in Classical Fine Arts. In the pursuit of her dream to become a professional artist, Redina enrolled in a four-year university program receiving the BFA degree from the Fine Art Academy of Tirana, and in 1999 was bestowed the same degree from the University of Toronto.

During 1995-1999 she participated in many national art shows and competitions, achieving countless artistic awards and accolades in numerous publications. She became a well-known artist in Tirana with a highly active artistic life in visual arts and with an emphasis in metal sculptures. She was the youngest artist to receive the sculpture “Onufri” Award in 1995, one of the highest accomplishments on a national level.

She developed a love for music at a young age. During her youth, she was a singer at multiple national festivals and on TV shows. She traveled showcasing her music and art all over Europe before moving to Canada in the late 90’s where she continued to work in paintings, sculpture, photography and graphic design.

Redina fell in love with Canada and the radiant fall colors, which sparked her interest in nature photography. She built an extensive library of photographs that serve as inspiration and reference for her paintings. Most of her pieces are based on those photos and enriched by multiple treatments of textures and layers to transform a simple scene into color and passion. The vibrant style and delicate sensitivity of her new collection "Awakening" is an impressive fresh view at nature, a surreal treatment of what we see, and a transformation of our world to a dream of patterns, shapes and colors that uplift feelings and inspire the soul.

Redina is commissioned to create art, as well as providing original art and concepts to established companies in North America. Her art can be seen in a myriad of private and public art collections.

My Photo Album

They say "a picture's worth a thousand words"...if that's true then I'd like to share a entire books worth of memories.  I think through these photos you may get a better idea of what makes me tick than mere words can say.