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Paintings and Albanian Songs In The Days of Swedish May

Jan 14, 2018

Originally appeared in The Albanian Newspaper - June 15, 1996

Tirana: The Swedish adventure of Redina Tili includes also a CD. She came to the Scandinavian Peninsula for a paintings exhibit together with the new painter Blend Cola, Tili has preserved her “double” edge by showing herself as a singer also. Out of the four songs in the CD, two are interpreted by her. But the main motive of the artists has been their exhibition which was open for a full month in Goteborg, which was well received by the visitors among which there were also Albanians that live so fare from their country.

The costly works of art and also the delay in transportation have pushed their return till the fall.

The city in which there are about three thousand of their compatriots, which showed up to visit the exhibition and meet with the protagonists, has had two very special young artists in the Central Gallery. The sculptor Redina Tili and the painter Blend Cota, have exhibited thirty two pieces of their art.

The works of art that were exhibited were highly valued by the locals and they had the same price as the works of well known Swedish artists, with prices as high as three thousand dollars. The artists said that “we priced the works based on the dignity and the high standard of living that the people of the country enjoy”. During their stay in Sweden, Tili put on one of “two dresses”; that of the singer. A CD was produced with two Swedish songs and two of her own. Part of the CD was the song that has been liked so much in our stages “Summer Time” and also the famous song from Shkodra city “Unë ty të kam dashtë” (I have loved you). The singer has experimented using the powerful “weapon” of the tradition of the city-culture and has been well received for it.

Part of their “adventure” was being stopped at the airport to find out that they had to pay a big tax for the materials they were exhibiting and this has forced the artists to wait till Fall. That’s the time when the works of Tili and Cota are expected to return and maybe go back again in Sweden sometime in the future to be exhibited in the “Art-Now” gallery which has a full schedule.

- Genc Ymeraj, The Albanian Newspaper, June 1996

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