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Albanian Ceramics in Romania

Feb 11, 2018

Originally Appeared in The Republic (Albanian Newspaper) - September 11, 1997

Our well-known artist more as the singer of the song “Five Dresses” some time ago along with two other painters represented our country in the art symposium organized in Constance, Romania. This meeting of European artists was focused only in ceramics. Each of the participating artists in this symposium prepared a piece of work, which then was to be exhibited in the arts museum of Constance.

In this artistic meeting, there were 41 participants in total from different European countries such as England, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria, etc.

The painter Redina Tili presented in this exhibit a ceramic relief with parts of iron and glass, which proved to be a technique that made a special impression on the visitors in comparison with the purely ceramic works of art.

The second representative from our country, Blend Cota, presented a high tower of about 60 centimeters (24 inches) on which he had imposed Albanian figures.

Our third painter in this exhibit, Edmond Rira, presented the composition of a woman.

As it is confirmed by Redina Tili, the works of our artists were received very well, which was crowned with the invitation to be part of such events in the future.

Our artists were able to be a part of this artistic journey with the invitation of the organizers. Edmond Rira was the first one to be invited, which also made it possible also for Tili and Cota to present their works of art. Our artist’s works were well received in this exhibit and also were valued as quite original.

This kind of success is encouraging the artists to be present soon in Tirana with an exhibition of their own.

“We are working and have a great desire to do this, but have not decided yet on a date. We are still in the preparation phase and there are still some things that make us wait a little bit longer”, says Redina Tili.

After exhibiting their works of art in the Netherlands, this was the second exhibition outside of Albania for our artists, Redina Tili and Blend Cota.

- N. Rashidi,  The Republic, September 1997

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