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The Forest of Butterflies

Butterflies are these wonderful creatures that were put on this earth as a reminder of paradise.

Stream of Dreams

It is so mesmerizing and comforting that you can easily close your eyes a bit and feel your mind slowly move far away from reality.

The Garden of Lillies

swimming through these strange long-stem plants that shoot up the surface to expose colorful jewels on their shiny pads

My new art unveiled at ArtExpo

My new art unveiled at ArtExpo

This year during ArtExpo I had the pleasure of unveiling my newest artwork collect, Awakening, to fans, fellows, artists, galleries, and collectors alike.

Early Winter

I like the first snow, so pure and bright…

Lilly Lake
Stream of Dreams
Where the Sun Sets
I Love This Wall!  Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

I Love This Wall! Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

    On Friday, April 6, 2018, I was in San Jose, CA to attend a show at the convention center. I happened to have some of my artwork with me. We visited the wonderful downtown San Jose area, the university and this art district, MACLA. It worked so well with my art...